Clearing Space


We have all experienced the heaviness that some rooms, homes or environments…or that people can imprint into our field. Everything is energy; a conversation, a thought, an action, a plant, a person, an aroma and all things. Some have high, supportive and uplifting frequencies and others have a very dense and almost vampire like energy. It is up to us to keep that frequency we wish to exist in clean.

There are many ways to clear space. For the mind, we can meditate or contemplate then release those negative thoughts, or as we become aware, choose to move on to something more positive and supportive. For our homes, often a good cleaning and then saging brings about a renewed sense and balance. Inviting in fresh air, diffusing essential oils and clearing away clutter also lift the environment which has a dramatic impact on how we feel. Having a salt bath is another way to lift your own personal frequency and cleanse away anything that your body is ready to release.

The challenge can often be people; the heaviness they can bring into a relationship is draining and not yours to own. Disengaging in negativity is a choice, gently or firmly removing yourself from a toxic relationship is a divine right. Often you will meet people that have subtle agendas and seldom your best interests at heart; the wolf in a sheep’s clothing. They feed from you. Feeling your truth on a physical level, hearing your body language and speaking up to protect it is the test…and the freedom and peace that arise from that action is so luscious to the soul. When you contemplate this deeper, you are actually giving the greatest gift to yourself and to that adversity – allowing them to continue to feed from you keeps that life draining energy alive. Saying NO in whatever way needing to be expressed invites them to grab a mirror if they are willing, and begin the process of doing their own internal work and the amazing revelations and freedom that come from it. It is empowering to both.

I recently completed a gentle vision quest with this very contemplation. Spending 4 days alone in nature, living in a tent and with no outside stimulation you have the time and clarity to drop away the tensions of your current existence and arrive at a deeper place for witnessing thoughts, behavioural responses and challenges. Coming home from that ¬†experience I am committed to a militancy around my space; whether its within my thoughts, or the physical space I am in, or with whom I am engaging with and how often…and keeping the highest, happiest, most truthful and loving frequency I can create. I wish to witness great changes on this earth and within our communities and will continue to be of service in whatever way I can to help support that. The greatest things I can give is my clarity, an open heart and a trusting that all the good will be supported. My boundaries are set to limit the distractions and so that I am living from my greatest space. Where do you feel you are leaking energy? How can you create the boundaries to feel that peaceful presence again in your life?

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